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By replacing your tooth cap with a prosthetic that’s as beautiful as it is functional, a crown is a shining example of how dentistry is both an art and a science. With an E4D machine in the office, Tanya Orr, DDS, at Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry, restores its patients’ teeth with high-quality, same-day crowns. To learn more about how Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry can improve your smile with a crown, schedule a visit today by calling the Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, office or booking online.

Crowns Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown is an artificial tooth cap that’s permanently affixed to an existing root structure, like a natural tooth root or a dental implant.

A crown replaces the entirety of your tooth above the gumline, and once sealed in place, it feels and functions just like a natural tooth. Depending on the material, your crown can even look just like a natural tooth, as well.

Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry uses an E4D crown machine that enables them to construct your crown in-office and have it ready for you in a single visit. 

What does a crown do?

Crowns serve a variety of functions, like:

  • Protecting a weakened tooth from further damage
  • Restoring a tooth that’s suffered from severe decay
  • Replacing an unsightly tooth

When Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry crowns your tooth, it improves your ability to properly eat and speak, in addition to making your smile whole and healthy again.

What’s the process for getting a crown?

First, your dentist anesthetizes your mouth and “prepares” your tooth for your crown. This involves shaving off some enamel to make room for your crown.

Once your tooth-to-be-crowned is prepared, your dentist at takes an impression of your mouth in order to design your crown. Because Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry uses an E4D crown machine, this is done with a state-of-the-art intraoral scanner, rather than a dental putty. 

The E4D machine then creates a virtual model of your smile that it uses to mill your porcelain crown on-site. 

Typically, when you get a crown, your dentist has to send your impression to an off-site lab to be fabricated. This process can take a few weeks, during which time you have to wear a temporary crown. 

With the E4D, Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry can have your high-quality, metal-free crown ready in less than an hour.

Once your crown is milled, your dentist fits it over your prepared tooth, checks that the bite and fit are comfortable and accurate, and seals it in place with a permanent cement. You leave the office with an instantly upgraded smile and a renewed ability to properly eat and speak.

How do I care for my crown?

One of the benefits of a crown is that it can be cared for just like the rest of your natural teeth. Your crown will last you for a great deal of time with simple oral hygiene: brush twice daily, floss everyday, and maintain regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist.

Schedule a visit with Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry by phone or online and improve your smile with a crown today.